Hi, I'm Libby, a Baltimore-based travel writer with a curious mind, restless feet, and a loud laugh. I'm obsessed with the great American road trip and have traveled coast-to-coast in search of roadside attractions, historical sites, and natural wonders to write about. 

I'll travel anywhere in search of people and places with stories worth sharing. I've contributed to three Latin American guidebooks and many other travel and lifestyle publications. I consider myself a researcher and guide, and I love to swap travel stories, advice, and real-world tips. 

I write because no matter how much you think you know, there’s always so much more to learn. That’s also why I started The Scout Project, a merit badge program for curious people of all ages. 

I live in a Baltimore rowhome with my fiancé. I often write about the city—I was the Baltimore expert on About.com for three years—but otherwise I’m on the road as much as possible. I try to take Penny, our rescue pup, along whenever I can. She even has her own hashtag.

If there's a campfire and I can bring my dog, you can bet I'll be there. (And I'll volunteer to bring the s'mores.)

Any questions? Email me or chat with me on Twitter. You can also follow me on Instagram.