September 20, 2010 2

Around Town in Puerto Bolivar, Ecuador

By in Cuyabeno, Ecuador, Puerto Bolivar, South America

Approaching Puerto Bolivar. It took us nearly four hours by canoe to get to the remote village in the middle of the rainforest.

This is the Town Hall in Puerto Bolivar.

The town watering hole. Those yellow crates are filled with Pilsener, one of three types of beer commercially available in Ecuador.

The town soccer field. This is basically the square around which the whole village is centered.

At first glance we thought there was underwear hanging out to dry all over the place, but upon closer examination we discovered it was actually tortillas made from yuca.

The town monkey. He was a biter (photo by Jen).

Scarlett, Jen and I modeling our “clown pants” outside the community kitchen.

And finally, our group taking a dip in the stretch of river outside the village. We had just finished a soccer game, and our guide warned everyone not to touch the ground. Even though we asked, he wouldn’t tell us why. When everyone was out he announced there were string rays everywhere in the muddy water! Yikes.

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